В.И. Вернадский

"Noosphere" by V.I. Vernadsky

Автор: Naumov G.B. , Dr., Vernadsky State Geological Museum
Источник: "Noosphere", 14, 2002

Lately, not only scientists but also those working in industry and business, politicians and journalists have been using the word “noosphere” more and more frequently. The noos pheric concept of V.I. Vernadsky is becoming more and more actual in our country as well as abroad. Only recently, the full English text of “The Biosphere” by V.I. Vernadsky was published for the first time in the USA.
In 2000, an authoritative French journal “Fusion” published his work “Biosphere and Noosphere” with a detailed intro ductory article. In spring of 2001, Tavrichesky University (Simferopol) witnessed “The Scientific Heritage of V.I. Vernadsky in the Context of Global Problems of Civilization” interstate
conference. In the same year…

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