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Bill Jones speech about legasy of Vladimir Vernadsky

Bill Jones of Washington DC speaking to a Russian meeting on the legacy of Vladimir Vernadsky, to be presented on March 15, 2013. Выступление Билла Джонса (Вашингтон), посвященное наследию академика Вернадского. 15 марта 2013 года.

"Noosphere" by V.I. Vernadsky

Lately, not only scientists but also those working in industry and business, politicians and journalists have been using the word “noosphere” more and more frequently. The noos pheric concept of V.I. Vernadsky is becoming more and more actual in our country as well as abroad. Only recently, the full English text of “The Biosphere” by V.I. Vernadsky was published for the first time in […]

Vernadsky. Why to Paris?

Report on the results of business trip with indispensable comments

Scientific and tehnological progress and the noosphere

At one of the symposia on environ mental protection, the question was posed: “Why couldn’t those CroMagnon just be happy with what they’d got? Having overcome the most dangerous predators, they had a rich and unspoiled planet at their disposal. But no, it was progress they wanted.” It has been calculated that if we…

Real Evolution: the self-developing biosphere, human credit systems, and the Noosphere

According to its own champions, the modern doctrine of “environmentalism” is rooted in the work of British naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882). The neurotic, third-rate scientist Darwin, in turn, claimed Parson Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) as his own spiritual father. This gloomy parson had claimed that the human population expands geometrically (2, 4, 8, 16,…), while food supplies […]

William Jones "Vernadsky Essays On Geochemistry"

The publication in English of a new volume of writings, Essays on Geochemistry and the Biosphere, by the great Russian-Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, should be viewed with great interest, and not only by those active in the scientific fields with which these essays deal. It is also to be hoped that the publication is a harbinger of more […]

The Noosphere of Vernadsky and LaRouche

This afternoon, I want to introduce you to a man whose work has been mentioned by Lyndon LaRouche on many occasions as crucial for all mankind, and who is a current focus of the LaRouche PAC Basement team. He is the Ukrainian-Russian scientist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, founder of the new branch of science known as […]

Irina Trubetskova "Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky and his Revolutionary Theory of the Biosphere and the Noosphere"

Irina Trubetskova Department of Natural Resources University of New Hampshire, irina@cisunix.unh.edu  http://www-ssg.sr.unh.edu/preceptorial/Summaries_2004/Vernadsky_Pap_ITru.html Living matter gives the biosphere an extraordinary character, unique in the universe… Cosmic energy determines the pressure of life that can be regarded as the transmission of solar energy to the Earth’s surface… Activated by radiation, the matter of the biosphere collects and […]

Geochemistry and the Biosphere

Essays by Vladimir I. Vernadsky First English Translation from the 1967 Russian Edition of Selected Works Santa Fe, NM: Synergetic Press, 2007 Book review by Ralph Abraham 1. INTRODUCTION Since 1960 I have been lecturing and giving courses on dynamical systems theory and its applications in the sciences, with an emphasis on simulation of complex […]